CCAP Conference 2017

Climate Change and Agricultural Production

(Adapting Crops to Climate Variability and Uncertainty)
April 6-8, 2017

Bihar Agricultural University Sabour- 813 210, Bhagalpur (Bihar)

IMPORTANT DATES - Special Issue of Indian J Ecology 1 will be release on - April 6, 2017 at conference; Special Issue 2 is under review; Young Scientist Award and Best Scientific Writing Award will be presented at the inaugural. Delegates are requested to send there journey plan

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Due to increase in anthropogenic activities, global temperatures have shown a warming trend of 0.87°C over the period 1880-2015. Annual surface air temperatures over India also have shown increasing trends of similar magnitude during the period 1901-2015, making 2015 the warmest year in the period of instrumental data. Warmer temperature during the monsoon season (June-September, +0.72° C above average) and the post monsoon season (October-December, +1.1°C above average) mainly contributed to the warmer annual temperature. Climate change is now reality as evident from the significant increase in the CO2 concentration (403.99 ppm as on July 2016) which has caused most of the warming and has contributed the most to climate change.Yet again, the first half of 2016 has blown away temperature records, capped off by a record hot June, bumping up the odds that 2016 will be the hottest year on record globally. Two drought years in south central India created panic and for the first time in the history and special trains were put in place to provide drinking water. Climate Change and its extremes are increasingly one of the most serious national security threats, which will have significant impacts on agriculture, natural resources, ecosystem and biodiversity. At the same time, it is likely to trigger food insecurity, human migration, economic and social depression, environmental and political crisis, thereby affecting national development. Although, scientific reports h........... Read More


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