CCAP Conference 2017

Climate Change and Agricultural Production

(Adapting Crops to Climate Variability and Uncertainty)
April 6-8, 2017

Bihar Agricultural University Sabour- 813 210, Bhagalpur (Bihar)

IMPORTANT DATES - Special Issue of Indian J Ecology 1 will be release on - April 6, 2017 at conference; Special Issue 2 is under review; Young Scientist Award and Best Scientific Writing Award will be presented at the inaugural. Delegates are requested to send there journey plan

Extended Abstract

Keywords, Introduction, Materials and methods and Results / Conclusion (See sample extended abstract at conference website:

Time New Roman and font size 11. Use grammar and spell check.

Theme area:
Which of the conference themes best describes the topic area of your presentation? It should be given at the top of the abstract.

Title in upper/lower case and format genus and species in italics.
Example: Monitoring the American Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) in Bt cotton.

Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s):
Authors name(s) bold and affiliations normal font.

Corresponding author’s email address

Brief background of the study. Limited to 100 words.

Materials and methods:
Limited to 100 words.

Results and conclusion:
Results should be presented in concise way with one table/figure. Limited to 250 words (excluding table/figures).,

If necessary, limited to two. Follow the style of the Indian Journal of Ecology for references.

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