CCAP Conference 2017

Climate Change and Agricultural Production

(Adapting Crops to Climate Variability and Uncertainty)
April 6-8, 2017

Bihar Agricultural University Sabour- 813 210, Bhagalpur (Bihar)

IMPORTANT DATES - Special Issue of Indian J Ecology 1 will be release on - April 6, 2017 at conference; Special Issue 2 is under review; Young Scientist Award and Best Scientific Writing Award will be presented at the inaugural. Delegates are requested to send there journey plan

Success Story

Guidelines for Submitting Success Story
Formatting requirements: 
  1. Title of the success story,name, address and telephone number of the farmer /farmer organization/ farmer group. 
  2. One photograph and length of the case study should be limited to 800 words. 
  3. Times New Roman and font size 11.
  4.  Author (s) name (s) and affiliation(s). 
  5. There will be a separate technical session ( Poster as well as oral) for success story
  6. Three best case studies will be adjudged by a panel of experts and awarded during the conference.
  7. Case studies should be uploaded on the conference website page: and displayed in the poster session
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