CCAP Conference 2017

Climate Change and Agricultural Production

(Adapting Crops to Climate Variability and Uncertainty)
April 6-8, 2017

Bihar Agricultural University Sabour- 813 210, Bhagalpur (Bihar)

IMPORTANT DATES - Special Issue of Indian J Ecology 1 will be release on - April 6, 2017 at conference; Special Issue 2 is under review; Young Scientist Award and Best Scientific Writing Award will be presented at the inaugural. Delegates are requested to send there journey plan

Theme Areas

  • Climatic Uncertainties and its Impact on Agriculture
  • Crop Simulation Modeling and Remote Sensing Applications in Climate Change
  • Crop Adaptation and Management Interventions for Climate Resilient Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Climate Change and Horticulture
  • Climate Change and Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry
  • Crop Weather Pest Dynamics and Innovative Agronomic and Breeding Practices
  • Information & Communication Management Concerning Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Weather Based Information on Risks Management in Agriculture
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